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Liver Die

by Aggro Mucho

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No Problems 01:58
I feel my ears, they’re burning, everyone will turn to see. Watch me as i fall apart, I’m taking back what’s left of me. I’m lost exhausted from your grip I see you in the rearview mirror, slipping from my fingertips. And I am not afraid or a friend of failure because that reminds me more of you. And I refuse to call you by your true name, ridicule. Believe the defects in us make us more unique. I’m sure you’ve heard by now the silence is over. You want me to fail with nothing to lose, without walking in my shoes. I got a problem. Did you see me on the ground? ridicule, I hope that bitter taste will die with your last breath. Ridicule, won’t you step outside and prove it to me? Because you’re a chicken shit and got a lot to lose, without walking in my shoes. I got a problem.
Dying in electric chairs, where smiling faces never have to lie. you say this curse is just a gift, a weight that I can’t lift. And I don’t care to save you. Sleepless nights of planning your demise. absorb the pain of those you wrong. somehow I think of Southwick, methods of his execution. I didn’t read the sign when I walked in your institution. Please beware, Electric chair. Silent as you entertain them, strap my arms and bound around my neck. you used to have my loyalty. memories, you pity me, I pity you too. memories, you pity me, I pity you too. Dying in Electric Chairs, you better make it right. Make it right.
I’m out of touch with the human race, what do you want me to be. Stuck here on this planet with these people sickens me. Tattooed fingers, punk rock wristbands, somehow i never belong. waiting for these ancient aliens to bring me home. I’m so confused, stuck here on this planet here with you. I’m so confused, stuck here on this planet here with you. We’re Not Alone. waiting for these ancient aliens to bring me home.
Pick Pocket 02:19
It’s not gonna change, we won’t change it. The form and functions perfect, it’s absurd. The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary. He only knows what he’s learning in a class. And in his eyes are dollar signs convinced that he’s a visionary. All dressed up like heroes of the past. You’ll never break into this scene without holding a drumstick. You’ll never know what it’s like to play unpopular music just because you love it. We don’t need your visionary. We don’t need your motivation. And in his eyes is desperation, while I’m fresh out of inspiration, while I’m fresh out of inspiration. Don’t look back to us when you’re abroad, riding on the tailcoats, it’s a shock I saw you pick their pockets, promise distribution. You’re a fraud. And that’s what I said, because we love it.
Here I Am 02:06
You’ve lost your mind, the felling’s dead. please go away, that’s what she said. you don’t that you’re in danger. I put a bullet in the chamber. I just needed your attention, sometimes it feel’s like no one’s listening. I wake up in sweats, i hear people scream. Manical laugh, and it’s only me. and once you feel her, you’ll never feel the same. an angel face with cruel intentions. and how you know that will never be, will never feel the same. an angel face is my religion. I’m breaking out of this asylum, at this time tomorrow. She swore she’d never have to see my scary face again. Well, here I am. Never thought I’d pull the trigger. Sometimes I fell like no one’s listening
Don’t limit me to moderation, Reckless memories. Know your whiskey, caught up quickly, somehow I thought we’d both succeed. Growing up tough, had enough pain, became fast friends. but every time you dropped the ball, I’m giving in. I can’t control this violence. Find your own way out. I saw your Disappointment as you’re scrubbing at your skin. you’ll never wash away the pain i must have put you In. Standing at a rooftop with a list of your demands. Shaking in the mirror with a bottle in your hand, know your whiskey, know your future. know your whiskey, adding fuel to violence. find your own way out. you used to be somebody. Know your whiskey. Know your future. And it’s too late to speak. I don’t believe you. Don’t ask me for shit, I’m not beneath you. apologies and fuck your reasons. Find your own way out
Said it all before, I’ll say it all again until it’s bland. Searching out to find, find someone as sick as I am. it isn’t up to me, but it’s enough for praying on your knees. Begging for forgiveness for reasons you’ve been giving up on me. I knew you would, I knew you, so I just study the dead. Carrying caskets, reading words, reading words again. do you control the fear, it’s constantly just eating at your ear. Did you forget the past, or wish to shut the door on life at last. You labeled me a liar, my sorries have expired. Breathe. I promised you I would quit, promises are all just bullshit. Breathe. So I just study the dead.
Rise. I put my best foot forward, what’s the point? Ann please believe in these letters you receive. Don’t read them with the old pair of prejudiced eyes. Guilty face, here I stand, I won’t crawl before another man. Let this new found freedom convince you more than words. Did I know you on the outside? Look within, to find the demons that I know will haunt me once again. On the stand, raise your hands, take for granted like the letters show I let you go, return, I just don’t know. echoes from Alcatraz. did I see you run? Twenty years of fucking up will make a skeptic out of anyone. Set the focus clear, it’s hard to see the dim lights in the hallway. Listen and you’ll hear. Echoes from Alcatraz
Insanity that plagues you growing stronger while you sleep. You couldn’t take direction, found yourself to be unique. You did it for your family, deserving something new. You left behind a perfect child, now he’ll be fucked up just like you. So, why did you bleed into liquid on concrete and disappear? The problem centers in between your ears. Now we’re live. bedevilments and that ain’t no good reason, and the reason you’re gone is because of these bedevilments. This conversation, why did you bleed into liquid? it’s making me so sick. why did you bleed into liquid on concrete and disappear.
Discontent 01:23
Well, it’s hard to reach you when I’m still holding on myself, and I’m not fit to lead you. Blindman searching for a friend. Jesus is evil to the lonely agnostics. Good changes, and I’m discontent. nobody can tell me, what’s good and bad for my health. and now there are all these changes, I never even liked that scene, and it’s so hard to leave. Discontent. I’ve always lived in hell, you take that pain away from me and I misunderstand. Discontent. It ended years ago, everyone is safe inside, and I’m the last to know.
Out Of Focus 02:05
Absolutely nothing left unsaid and still, I can’t explain the instrument you used to make me bleed. Except I'm the gun and you’re the bullet, black powder just catapulted in my eyes and I don’t need to see. It’s like I predicted. Because I can feel you, I still feel you, I can feel you living in my head. And we were always meant to be like gas and matches, hanging on to every word you said. How can I illustrate regret, resistance, can I illustrate I like you out of focus. Ability to let you go, unrealistic when you get too close. She’s pretty in pink, but her shit stinks. She’s pretty in pink, but her shit fucking stinks. I like you out of focus.


released July 14, 2017


all rights reserved



Aggro Mucho Simi Valley, California

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